Theatre Transports the Audience 
into Another World

Flight Systems 
Place that World in the Sky

Aerial Concepts
 Designs, Manufactures, Installs and Operates
A Wide Variety Of Flight Systems

Vertical Lift/Lower Pendulum Rigs
2-D Flight Tracks
Cantilevered Hoists
Cirque Systems
Computer-Controlled Motorized Systems 

Actors, Dancers, and Talent of all types 
are flown to add a new dimension 
to a production. 

Taking your performers 
off the ground can provide a unique perspective, simulate flight or falling, instill magic, 
or provide that awe-inspiring wow factor. 

  Flight can be slow, sweeping and graceful, 
but it can also be bold, grand and exhilarating. 

How you use it is your choice. 

We provide the hardware, training, 
and any needed choreography

Vertical Lift/Lower Pendulum Rig

    These systems can be used to simply elevate a performer, or give the dynamic illusion of flight.

    They can be installed in almost any performance space:
  •     Traditional theatre w/ battens & fly system 
  •     Small Theatre with no Fly System
  •     Black Box, Ballroom, Commercial Space, Lobby, warehouse

​         Advantages Include
                Simple and Flexible Installation                                                         Multiple Systems Installed Throughout A Space       
                Manual Operation                                                                                 Accepts Wider Range of Talent Sizes   
                Shorter Training Schedule                                                                   Lower Execution Cost

2-D Flight Track

    Tracked systems allow the performers to use the entire space, moving up and down, as well as across the venue

    They require additional infrastructure for installation, but add an incredible spectacle to any production

​         Advantages Include
                The Grandest Creative Visions Realized                                                Multiple Systems Can Be Installed Together       
                Manual Operation                                                                                      Broadest Choreography Of Movement                                   Greatest Flexibility Of                                                                               Widest Performance Envelope   

Customized Solutions

           Unique venues, creative executions, and visionary shows require non-traditional solutions.
    Aerial Concepts combines a background in engineering, stadium and arena rigging, rock climbing, and theatrical rigging     to deliver jaw dropping visuals. 

  •         Ground based cantilevered levitation beams
  •         Cirque style rigs, Bungee systems, Trapeze, Silks, Hoop
  •         High speed motorized 3-D flight systems, utilizing computerized flight controllers
  •         Open air outdoor rigs
        Do not let something like gravity impede your creative vision.
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